Welcome to Winterland Hasselt

SEVENTH EDITION OF WINTERLAND HASSELT STARTS 15 NOVEMBER 2014! Winterland Hasselt turns Hasselt – already known as the Capital of Taste – into the most atmospheric Christmas town in Belgium. The cosy winter and Christmas period are Winterland’s central theme. It offers Belgium’s largest mobile skating rink, a Christmas train and a Ferris wheel and there is plenty of atmosphere in the partly covered Christmas market.

The fifth edition will take place from 15 November 2014 to 4 January 2015. The Kolonel Dusartplein in Hasselt will once again be turned in to a cosy winter village. What’s new this year is Santa’s House. As of 7 December, Santa will live and work in his own house that is built on the Kolonel Dusartplein. This Finnish house is a small replica of 'the Home of Santa Claus' in Rovaniemi, Santa’s official residence. The Hasselt house has a post room, bedroom, living room, study, kitchen and bathroom. The house is open every day from noon to 8 pm. Santa Clause is assisted by three Elves who give visitors a tour of the house. In the middle of the skating rink stands a huge Christmas tree, decorated with thousands of red LED lights. The atmosphere of the cosy café next to the skating rink is just like that of the well-known German Christmas markets.

The Christmas market on the Kolonel Dusartplein is a major aspect of Winterland. It offers various chalets and several tents where participants offer their Christmas articles and let you enjoy the tastiest winter snacks and drinks.

The winter atmosphere can also be found off the Kolonel Dusartplein. The Grote Markt can’t escape Winterland either. Apart from the big lit Christmas tree and the large crib, there is a unique attraction for young and old: the 'Hesselse Poepjee', a genuine Venetian carrousel with two-storeys and painted with real Hasselt tableaus will make many a child’s heart beat faster. 

So come to Winterland Hasselt and enjoy the unforgettable Christmas atmosphere.
Opening hours Winterland Hasselt is open:

15 november 2014 untill 4 January 2015
Daily from 10 am - 22 pm (Winterland Café to midnight)
24 December: until 6 pm
25 December, 1 January: from 1 pm
31 December: up to 2 am (New Year’s Eve party, free admission)

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